Organic Bio fertilizer for Climate Smart Agriculture

Susan Nimusiima
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Dr. Robert Muzira, the Project Principal Investigator, noted the advantages organic bio fertilizers have compared to in organic fertilizers, stating,

Unlike inorganic fertilizers, organic fertilizers remain in the soil for more than a single season, increasing the crop yield for many seasons thereby being a cost effective option.

This fertilizer was formulated to counter low crop yield and high prices of fertilizers which have often been unaffordable for the average farmer.
Apart from climate change effects, declining soil fertility is the second highest challenge faced by crop farmers. Farmers have often turned to synthetic fertilizers which are expensive and easily seep out of the soil requiring re application with every season. This organic bio fertilizer is a product of a combination of materials that are easily available as waste on most farms in Uganda.

The fertilizer is made of crop residue and animal waste. These two are easily available on most farms. They can be utlilized to create effective foliage fertilizers for most crops. We have trained farmers and university students in the formulation of this fertilizer.

The team has since trained over a hundred farmers from areas of Mbarara, Sheema, Kiruhura and Isingiro and one hundred and twenty five university students from Mbarara University of Science and Technology and Bishop Stuart University as in the manufacturing of the organic bio fertilizer. The farmers use the fertilizer in crops like bananas, grapes, tomatoes and coffee. Luka from Isingiro says the fertilizer has greatly improved the yield in his coffee plantation.

This fertilizer is easy to make and effective. We have been using it in our tomato and coffee fields and the yields are impressive. We still struggle with marketing it but we have found it a much better alternative to store bought fertilizers.

Biofertilizers improve the soil texture and yield of plants. They do not allow pathogens to flourish. They are eco-friendly and cost-effective. Biofertilizers protect the environment from pollutants since they are natural fertilizers.

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